Monday, December 27, 2010

A super farmer in Indian farmers

Yes, you are reading it correctly and we used to visualize the Indian farmers are always distressed and debt- ridden. But this time I am stating about a big farmer Amitabh Bachchan, a Bollywood's premier action hero, and super star in Indian cinema. Superstar turned to farmer in real life after long journey of his reel life, I don’t want to dig deeper that what kind of circumstances dragged him to become a farmer. However we should appreciate him to be a part of the farmers’ community and farmers also have to be proud such a biggest celebrity chooses his profession as agriculture.

In so many media interviews, he himself insisted that he has right to be called as FARMER. The Superstar recently came in to news which symbolically plowing his agriculture land and trying to prove that he is a farmer. I don’t think that this twitter addicted super star is familiar with the farming practices, crops and agriculture related subjects. I never see his comments on agriculture or farmers’ issues in any social networking websites or his blog in spite he proclaimed as a farmer. In the movies, we used to see the hero eventually bash the bad guys and save the people in critical situations. I expected the same thing from this Super Farmer that he can do something for the farmers towards his social responsibility.

This super farmer is a brand ambassador for Gujarat state…Can’t he look at the perils of Gujarat farmers? This so-called farmer has been living in Mumbai…Can’t he think about Maharashtra cotton farmer’s suicides? The assessment of Bachchan brand was estimated at Rs 700 crores. He used to collect Rs.3-4 crores for each advertisement and Rs.1-2 crores for each episode of TV programs. I would like to state some of the generous persons who shared their earnings for public interest i.e. Azim premji, Shiv Nadar, Narayan murthy and so on. Of course…..this is not about the monitory contribution, it’s all about the mission. As per my knowledge if a celebrity really works towards the society that definitely make an incredible help to the people.

Being such an inspiring and an influence person, Mr. Amitabh can do a lot to the farmers. He can organize the fundraising events to help the farmers or he may work with any farmers’ welfare organization to uplift the farmers or he can adopt a village to implement good agriculture practices or not the least he can carry out a nationwide message campaign against suicides of distressed farmers which shall create courage and hope. I would like to appreciate Mr. Ameer khan since he produced the movie Peepli [Live] which depicted the farmers’ plights and also he joined in Narmada Bachao Andolan for poor farmers’ water rights and fair compensation for land loses.