Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Protect our Tobbaco Board

Andhra Pradesh is the largest producer of Tobacco. Guntur (Andhra Pradesh) is the Head quarters of Tobacco Board. The board was incorporated in 1976 to support the farmers and traders in the view of market demand and production. It has been supporting farmers in all activities like supply inputs (seeds) with the help of CTRI and ITC, supply of Coal for curing tobacco, Pesticides and fertilizers at competitive prices, arranging farm credit to tobacco growers, facilitates Group personal accident policy and Barn insurance policies, moreover auction system to support the farmers with minimum support price and Correct weighment and prompt payment.
Thanks to Tobbacoboard

Interestingly, the Centre has kept the Tobacco Board in limbo since last year by not appointing board members to manage its affairs. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh reportedly directed that the board should be abolished, thereby dismantling the state's interest in the crop.
This is an anti farmer reform as I feel. I strongly protest these liberalisation policies. Is there any political linkage or any lobbying…?. I don’t accept such a bad fate to Tobacco Board. So my dear farmers… we should fight for protect our supportive Tobacco Board
(Courtecy :Times of India)

Monday, November 27, 2006

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Farmers turned to construcion labor

Palamoor( Andhra Pradesh) farmers are migrating to urban areas as construction labor.It has been caused by Economic instability,severe drought condition, moreover Problems are complex and policy-driven.
The state Government is yet to take strides in irrigation sector, though it speaks of a policy on papers.The government has to start the rural credit system to support the farmers and building rural employment to keep away from migration.

In my openion " If a village loses its quality farmers to the cities as labor, it’s disastrous for us and the government. It’s like India losing all her quality professionals to the USA"
(Sorrowful documentary in Google Videos. Great job of ZeeTV)