Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Recession - Agriculture

Now recession is the trend and Buzzword. India is dependent on USA and other developed nations for its trade. Eventually developing nation’s economy affected by recession due to globalization. The services sector in India is facing some liquidity problems, industrial sector and financial sectors are largely affected by world recession.

Recession- Agriculture:
Indian agriculture has not impacted by global economy crises, except some export oriented crops. About 60-65% of India’s population and workforce depend on agriculture. Country’s agriculture sector will save the India from the huge impact of the global economic recession. Right now agriculture is the key for Indian growth in this difficult time. Agriculture is an absolute necessary, producing the basic human needs of food and clothing and exciting reason is Bio fuels. An Investment in agriculture is considered as a conservative and tangible Investment with consistent returns.Agriculture is the best solutions to maintain economic growth this year. Even in down markets agriculture companies performed very well in 2008 and will do the same in 2009. I wish that the agriculture sector will continue to provide support to our economy.