Friday, June 11, 2010

They robbed our nation not only Kohinoor

The precious stone which was stolen by British is “Kohinoor” in Persian meaning - “Mountain of Light”. It is a 105 carat diamond that was once the largest known diamond in the world. It was found more than 500 years ago in Guntur District in Andhra Pradesh. It has traded hands by various Hindu, Mughal, Sikh, British rulers and finally in the crown of British Queen. As everybody knows that the Kohinoor diamond was taken away from India by the British rulers. Recently our Indian government (Archaeological Survey of India) requested the United Kingdom to return back. The UK government has denied as per their British Museum Act 1963. I have question … Is there any article of law which prevents to recover the “stolen” property?

Some people are chanting and praising the deeds of the British rule that contributed to India for modernization in the form of railways and transportation canals. I don’t believe in that. They build the internal infrastructure to make feasible for their trade and mercantile. They initiated the administration system for the revenue generation not for public governance. They introduced the Macaulay’s education system which was forcibly imposing English language in education since they wish to communicate in English not to encourage the Indians to get knowledge and wisdom. Finally they did nothing except robbing. There is no comparison of British rulers with our native Indian emperors like Akber, Aurungzib, ShahJehan, Sivaji and Ashoka. They were most progressive, magnificent and superior emperors in the world and their reign everything flourished. But the British came in to the power by taking the advantage of disputes among the Indian kings.

We lost so many things…. more than this precious diamond. The British rulers opened the fire in Jallianwala bagh on innocent, peaceful, unarmed 2000 Indian patriots who were martyred in non –violent struggle against British tyranny. We should demand the United Kingdom for the official confession against the Jallianwala bagh massacre on 13th April, 1919. Who will compensate that monstrous genocide? British rulers ignored the Indian industrial development when the western countries are growing with an abundant of industrial revolution. They were not setup the plants and simply trading the consumer goods by imports. How can we reimburse the dearth of the industrial growth gap? The British delivered us very bad feudal rules from Europe and they haven’t formed a good political structure for India. While leaving the country, they just transferred the power to an Indian elite family and their buddies who remain loyal to the British. The same family has been enjoying power from past decades and generation after generation.

The British rule on India has done more harm than good to India. They enslaved and robbed our human resources, natural resources and they ruined our culture and heritage. At this point of time, Archaeological Survey efforts have gone as a futile exercise. The Archaeological Survey of India is planning to launch an international campaign to get the Kohinoor back. Let us support that. I have curiosity….. Is she (Queen of British) doesn’t feel embarrassment to fully clad with crown which is embedded with Stolen Diamond?

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