Thursday, November 11, 2010

Barak - The bilateral salesman

US President Mr. Obama completed his three-day visit in India with a bunch of US merchants. India honored the esteemed guest with great state banquets. Obama praised that India is not simply emerging…India has already emerged world power. He made magnificent statements on Indian heritage, culture, science, civilization, Father of nation and so on. Everything went well, everyone was happy. The big question of normal Indian is what was the purpose of his visit? As usually many of them are in the notion of Indo-US strategic partnership and better trade relationships for prosperity. But Mr. President successfully played a role of a salesman to close lucrative deals to USA.

He made splendid statement On India that has an emerged global power. Has India really emerged, Shall we need to believe the same since Obama praised? According to Human Development Index, India has ranked low of 119 among the 169 countries and India is lowly 67th among 84 vulnerable countries in the Global Hunger Index. If we still in the notion of emerged nation that’s absolutely foolishness, Obama is simply demonstrating his selling skills by praising the customer (India).He clearly revealed his strategy in Mumbai that his purpose of visit to India is to generate the 50,000 employment opportunities in USA. He closed $10 billion worth of commercial deals with job opportunities like
30 no’s of Boeing 737 aircraft to Spice Jet Airlines (12,970 Jobs),
10no’s of Boeing C-17s military transport planes to Indian air force (22,160 Jobs),
107no’s of GE F414 jet engines to the Indian military (4,440 Jobs),
$917 million worth of Mining equipment and services from Bucyrus International to Sasan Power in Madhya Pradesh (3,460 jobs),
6 no’s heavy duty gas turbines from GE to Reliance Energy (2,650 Jobs) and so on…

No doubt, he has a mission with an organized TODO LIST and strategies to market his products and services but our leaders don’t have the TASK LIST except MENU to arrange the banquets. Our political leaders are simply shaking hands, applauding the Obama’s speech because he praised that India is great and they don’t know what we need to obtain from USA. If the US corporations’ are making such profitable deals with India, why our politicians can’t propose the Dow Chemicals (Successor Company of Union Carbide) to arrange the compensation to Bhopal Gas disaster victims and cleaning the chemical wastage in Bhopal. No politician has pressurized the issue of Business Process Outsourcing from USA which has been providing lot of jobs to India and some of the Tech business men have asked inconsequential questions like H1 fees issue rather than unique Software solutions propositions. Our leaders didn’t mention to waive the US farm subsidies especially on cotton which is very badly effecting to our cotton farmers due to subsidized cotton dump from USA. When we open our markets for US agribusiness for the companies like Monsanto, DuPont and Cargill… why can’t we propose cotton textile, apparel exports to US since we have sufficient cotton stocks.

Mr. Obama has also failed to talk about Pakistan connection in 26/11 attacks and Kashmir issue to pursue the peace. He mentioned that Indo- US strategic partnership is going to be WIN-WIN relationship to both countries but he never committed on outsourcing which gives employment to Indian professionals. United States is pushing India to remove all trade barriers to export their products and India liberated most of the policies according to USA pressure. Some of them are…
Allowing American Food Giants (McDonalds, KFC, Pizzhut ….)
Indo-US Knowledge Initiative on Agriculture (Monsanto, Cargill, DUPONT...)
National Biotechnology Regulatory Authority bill (Genetically Modified produces)
India is going to accept foreign direct Investments (Welcome to Wal-Mart)
Indo-U.S. civilian nuclear agreement
As usual defense deals of Fighting Jets, warships, Military Aircrafts
Automobiles (FORD, GM, Harley-Davidson) 
No import tariffs on food grains, Pulses and edible oils

I don’t know... what further more Obama expects from India, Does he want to make India as a DUMPSTER for US products ? I can’t understand the logic in his WIN-WIN concept.
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