Sunday, February 21, 2010

Great Inventions for water

In India, lot of villages are facing water scarcity. People are spending increasing amounts of time and energy for traveling miles together to get water.In some regions of Rajasthan, we can see the women with two pots one on another and holding a child, they spend average four hours a day and walk an average six km for drinking water. Imagine… women carrying heavy load how hard it is.
QDRUM:Hans Hendrikse, a South African architect invented the QDRUM, the drum made of low-density linear polyethylene to enable people transport of water in a safer, easier way. The Drum can be rolled rather than carrying water on their heads. This is an amazing invention to prevent drudgery and wasting of valuable working hours. It’s really helpful, if some NGO’s or any charitable organizations donate to our drought ridden states in India.See the QDRUM Video on You tube

Two-thirds of small farmers in India don’t have access to irrigation and depend on unpredictable monsoons. Their reliable source for water are only tube wells and bore wells. Tube wells and bore wells need electric motors or Diesel engines to fetch the water to surface. Irregular power cuts in electricity and diesel price hikes were adversely affected on farming crops.
International Development Enterprises (IDE) :developed the Treadle Pump, is an irrigation device by stepping up and down on treadles which drive pistons, creating cylinder suction that draws groundwater to the surface. In most of Indian states, the farmers are using this low-cost and easy to operate devise to boost their yields and their incomes.See the Treadle Pump Video on You tube